Silent Service

Tautog here. Here’s a splash page holding all of our Silent Service related pieces in one easy-to-find place. In the future, this’ll be a home for all the Pacific subgirls, too!

(Last updated 6/18 Argo)

About us (Subgirls! With full body artwork!):

Me (Tautog). Also the first Tautog’s Sub Corner!





More Subgirl things (like lore and stuff):

Subgirl weapons

Subgirl basing

Morgane’s comments on U-boats

Historical Tidbits RE: Red Navy in Pacific & the KOG

Batfish plays Silent Hunter

Picking Subgirls

Katya (K21) & Victory Day

Historical Stuff (My Sub Corners):

Sub Corner 1: the Submarine Dolphin

Sub Corner 2: Submarine Roles

Sub Corner 3: Early US Submarine Designs (1) – WW1 and earlier Subs

Sub Corner 4: Early US Submarine Designs (2) – Early V-boats

Sub Corner 5: Early US Submarine Designs (3) – Cruiser Concepts

Sub Corner 6: Sonar

Sub Corner 7: Early US Submarine Designs (4) – Submarine Aircraft

Sub Corner 8: Early US Submarine Designs (5) – the Argonaut

Sub Corner 9: US Submarine Crew Composition

Sub Corner … Okay, not a sub corner: The SBD Dive Bomber (Prisse you owe me dessert for a month…)

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