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Published by Morgane on 2016年4月1日 ★ Featured

Pacific vol. 1 English Version

Hello everyone, (4/26 update: due to the upcoming physi…

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Published by Morgane on 2016年9月12日

On 9/11: Fifteen Years Later

This post represents solely the thoughts of Morgane and…

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catcheye yamato-mo

Published by Morgane on 2016年9月6日

(Historical Inspirations) On soft drinks – 历史灵感:饮料篇

(Quick note: we have a English-Chinese translator on bo…

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Published by 零火 on 2016年9月3日


口袋先锋GO(宝可梦GO×守望先锋)、CAPTAIN @MERICA CIVIL WAR(偶像大师×美国队长:内战)、OCEAN(Pacific×Orions×Abyssal×舰队收藏)、Fate/Grand Iriya(伊莉雅涂鸦集子)

750_ocean_jp_print_MK2 (1)

Published by 零火 on 2016年8月6日


タイトル: Oceans サークル名: NEIGHBORS 作家名:November☆,零火,モーガン 発行日…

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Published by Morgane on 2016年7月27日

An announcement from Zero in regards to our operations

A word from – depending on time of day – th…

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